About us.

AKDesigno is a full service interior design consultancy based in Arjan, next to Miracle Garden , Dubai. We are a company the dedicates ourselves to provide the most comprehensive Architectural Rendering and Designing Solutions. Using state of the art equipments, up-to-date software, and high-end rendering tools, we put in our utmost care and precision in envisioning your designs. Our skilled designers pay close attention to every intricate detail, which brings out the character in space. We will turn ideas from concept to visualization in order to come as close to reality as possible. Our personal consist of Architects, Interior Designers, and highly-skilled 3D Artists, whose combined efforts bring out the highest level of photo realistic quality in our projects. The technical familiarity and creative combination brings out the right solution to your visual and design needs. At AKDESIGNO we believe in working closely with our clients. A close-knit client relationship helps us co ordinate and therefore understand the project requirements better. This contributes highly to our production of only the best and highest quality presentations in Visuals and Designs.

From the Managing Director’s Desk

AKDESIGNO has been creating and designing spaces for over a decade . Since our launch in 2006., we strived to establish ourselves as a benchmark brand offering state of art design services. When design matters, our family of interior designers, architects, and contractors are there for you.. Our revolutionary and constantly evolving design methodologies offers elegant and cost effective solutions to our clients and simultaneously balancing responsibility towards enhancing a good lifestyle by implementing exclusive design trends. We build a lasting relationship with client by creating designs based on their lifestyle trends., Today AKdesigno has entered a very significant phase of its growth. Our versatility is reflected by our diversified clientele which includes sectors such as hospitality,, healthcare, commercial and so on.


AKdesigno is a business that specialises in the art of problem-solving, the curation of new ideas, and crafting of spirit-filled spaces where modern life is meant to be enjoyed.

Meet our team.

Sheikh Khaled Al Qassimi


AK DESIGNO stands as a testament to Sheikh Khaled Al Qassimi’s unwavering commitment to blending artistry and functionality, tradition and modernity. It is an entity that continues to shape the future of design, leaving an everlasting legacy in its wake.

Abdulla Kunhi

Managing Director

AKDESIGNO has been creating and designing spaces for over a decade. Since our launch in 2006., we strived to establish ourselves as a benchmark brand offering state of art design services. When design matters, our family of interior designers, architects, and contractors are there for you.

Dr. Giesla-loehlein


Giesla brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for design to her role as the advisor of AK DESIGNO. Her expert guidance ensures that AK DESIGNO’s creative endeavors consistently push the boundaries of innovation and aesthetic excellence.

Faizu Kunhi

Executive Director

Faizu Kunhi has consistently demonstrated his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. As the Executive Director of AK DESIGNO, he has played an instrumental role in elevating the brand to the zenith of the design industry, crafting spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with artistic brilliance.

Deepak Raj

Design Manager

Deepak leads our creative team, guiding them to transform clients’ visions into stunning, functional spaces. Under his leadership, projects consistently exceed client expectations, making him an invaluable asset to any design-focused organization

Shahbaz BM

Projects Manager

As a Projects Manager, Shahbaz plays a pivotal role in overseeing and coordinating various design projects from conception to completion. His responsibilities include liaising with clients, managing project timelines, and ensuring that the design vision is executed to the highest standards of quality

Shahabas Mohamed


Shahabas is a seasoned architect specializing in the design of cutting-edge facilities such as Aster and Life Pharmacy. His expertise lies in seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics, optimizing layouts for efficient workflows and enhancing customer experiences.

Patricia Mariscotes


Patricia brings her creative prowess and technical expertise to the forefront of each project. With a deep understanding of architectural principles and a keen eye for innovative design solutions, she consistently crafts spaces that harmonize aesthetics with functionality. Patricia’s passion for design excellence ensures that AK DESIGNO’s clients receive unique and inspiring interior solutions tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.

Ayesha Suha


As Ayesha pursues her Master’s in Interior Design & Management, her dedication to enhancing interior spaces and creating inspirational environments aligns perfectly with our vision. She has made significant contributions to our projects, playing an instrumental role in reimagining office spaces and fostering productivity and creativity through innovative layouts.

Karima Daoud


Karima, an interior designer at AK DESIGNO, seamlessly blends creativity and practicality to craft captivating and functional spaces that cater to each client’s unique needs and preferences. Her design sensibility and attention to detail are integral to AK DESIGNO’s mission of delivering exceptional interiors.

Subhan Noushad


Subhan, a dedicated junior architect, brings fresh creativity and a strong work ethic to every project he undertakes. His responsibilities involve collaborating with senior architects, conducting research, and developing initial design concepts. Explore his journey in architecture and his pursuit of design excellence with us.

Shemeer Moh’d Kutty

SR.3D Visualizer

Shemeer is a talented Senior Visualizer, known for his exceptional ability to transform raw data into stunning visual representations, making complex information easily digestible. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design aesthetics, Shemeer elevates the presentation and communication of design ideas, helping clients visualize and connect with their future interior spaces on a profound level.

Safwan Hakeem

Architectural Visualizer

Safwan brings design concepts to life through stunning visual representations. His expertise lies in transforming architectural plans and interior designs into captivating 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs. With an eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of design principles, Safwan enhances the presentation and communication of design ideas, helping clients visualize their spaces before they become a reality.

Sayed Sahas

3D Visualizer

Sayed is an accomplished 3D Visualizer, distinguished for his proficiency in translating complex concepts into captivating and realistic threedimensional visualizations. With an innate talent for transforming ideas into lifelike renderings, Sayed’s work has consistently left clients and audiences impressed, providing them with a vivid glimpse into architectural and design possibilities.

Megha Pauly

Interior Designer

Megha skillfully translates design concepts into detailed technical drawings and blueprints. Her precision and expertise in using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful execution of interior design projects, helping the team bring their creative visions to life with precision and accuracy.

Demphna Dumanlag

Executive Secretary

Demphna, also known as Pia, plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and effective communication within the organization. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and professionalism contribute to the efficient functioning of AK DESIGNO, allowing the design team to focus on creating inspiring interior spaces for clients while she takes care of essential administrative duties.

Christine Secapuri

Client Relations

Christine serves as the welcoming face and the first point of contact, acting as a liaison with AK DESIGNO’s clients and customers, developing relationships, and ensuring that all of the customer’s needs are met.

Rasheed Puthan


Rasheed, our dedicated driver at AK DESIGNO, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency. He is your reliable partner for all transportation needs, and his professionalism and courteous demeanor ensure that every ride with him is a pleasant and comfortable experience.
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